The Touch Events

Peter-Paul Koch

The Touch Events demos

Web Components Can Do That?!

Addy Osmani

Web Components

  • Custom elements
  • Shadow DOM
  • Templates
  • HTML Imports

Web Components

Choosing objects or functions

Tim Ruffles

Objects vs Functions

Supercharging Node with Kraken

Tim Messerschmidt


The Bits Behind JS Bin

Remy Sharp

The Bits Behind JS Bin

  • Node.js & streaming
  • EventStreams
  • Local installs with npm
  • Dependency free distribution

Leap into the unknown: 3D sensing and browser interaction

Mairead Buchan

Leap into the unknown

Make Your Browser Dance

Ruth John



Lea Verou



Places to go

  • Rolling Scopes, Minsk, almost monthly
  • Front-Trends 2014, Warsaw, 7-9 May
  • Smashing Conference Freiburg 2014, September
  • 2014
  • Full Frontal 2014, Brighton, November
  • Nodecopter, Warsaw, March 17
  • Use Lanyrd!