Going to Interview

Best Practices

by Andre Gloukhmantchouk
specially for RS#5

What is this talk about?

Not sure if it's actually trolling

or just stupid

Be a professional that your interlocutor would want to work with.

One does not simply

pass an inteview

Don't interview at your dream job first.

Keep learning...

...how to be interviewed...

- or -

...how to arrange an interview.

Be prepared to get not only front end related questions and don't ignore them.


How would you design an autocomplete on google search page? You need to design it from ui to database.

Be passionate about development.

I have a dirty secret - if Google stopped paying me tomorrow, I'd still come to work

by Paul Tyma
CTO & Co-Founder at Refresh, Inc.

Things I don't like

  • Coffee Script
  • Sass
  • Handlerbars

Check your attitude at the door.

Be positive.

Why are you leaving your current job? Simple - because this new job is a better opportunity.

Know the language you say you do.


A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of symbols or elements, whose meaning may be interpreted the same way in either forward or reverse direction.

function isPalindrome(word) {
  var _isPalindrome = false;
  // Magic goes here
  return _isPalindrome;
function isPalindrome(word) {
  var _isPalindrome = false;
  // Magic goes here
  var _reverseWord = word.split('').reverse().join('');
  // End of magic
  _isPalindrome = _reverseWord == word;
  return _isPalindrome;

APIs really don't impress.

Data structures

Computational complexity.

Designation Description Defenition
f is bound from the top by g asymptotically
f is bound from the bottom by g asymptotically
f is bound from the bottom and the bottom by g asymptotically

1m OpS

Know algorithms and data structures.


  { name: "Homer Simpson", age: 37 },
  { name: "Bart Simpson", age: 10 },
  { name: "Marge Simpson", age: 35 },
var sorted = {
  10: ["Bart Simpson",.. ],
  35: ["Marge Simpson",.. ],
  37: ["Homer Simpson",.. ],


(1,2), (5,3), (2,5), (6,1), (5,5) -> [1,2,5,3,2,5,6,1,5,5]

var dominoesSets = [];
function addSet(dominoes/*[1,2,5,3,2,5,6,1,5,5]*/) {
  var isNew = true;
  // Magic goes here
  return isNew;
var dominoesSets = [];
var dominoesHash = {};
function getHash(dominoes) {
  // Magic goes here
  // Handle here next cases:
  // a. [1,2,5,3,2,5,6,1,5,5] and [5,3,1,2,2,5,6,1,5,5]
  // b. [1,2,5,3,2,5,6,1,5,5] and [2,1,5,3,2,5,6,1,5,5]
function addSet(dominoes/*[1,2,5,3,2,5,6,1,5,5]*/) {
  var isNew = true, hash = getHash(dominoes);
  if (!dominoesHash[hash]) {
    dominoesHash[hash] = dominoes;
  } else {
    isNew = false;
  return isNew;

Patterns are important.


Stay away from Design Patterns; master Value, Principles and Basics Skills first

by Naresh Jain
Co-Founder at Advanced Search for Facebook

Values (or Best Practices)

  • Commenting
  • Goal of the Code
  • Portability
  • Naming conventions
  • ...


  • The Reason It All Exists
  • KISS
  • Maintain the Vision
  • What You Produce, Others Will Consume
  • Plan Ahead for Reuse
  • ...

One does not simply

pass an inteview

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.


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